Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Kent, WA to Reno, NV

Picked up a load to Reno, NV from Kent, WA yesterday. Stayed in Wilsonville, OR last night and drove the rest of the way today. With a 10:00 delivery time, I get to sleep in. Got a steak dinner to end the night. Snapped a few photos on the way.

It's funny how poorly these mega-carrier companies that I have worked for treat you. My title is Professional Driver yet this is the least professional I have ever been treated, I found more honor working in retail for a large hardware store chain. As a truck driver you get someone who dispatches you on loads and tells you how to do your job correctly, because, you know, driving the truck safely and getting loads delivered on time isn't what is important. What is important is sending Macro messages that save someone at a desk 30 seconds and the use of their college degree! I got a new dispatcher today and the first thing she did was tell me I did something wrong by not sending an ETA Macro message. I proceeded to ask what the macro is that I should send when I have to go to the bathroom... I was quickly informed that she treats her drivers professionally and expected the same and that the comment was unnecessary.

Yes, it was necessary. This company has bought out 2 failed companies in the last year, I have only worked with the people from those failed companies. I am sure if I lived in Iowa and actually worked for Heartland Express instead of with the people who are bitter that they have been bought out, I would be having a different experience.

Needless to say this will be the last big company that I work for. It may not sound logical, but I made more money delivering Amazon packages. I did not become a trucker to make less money than an Uber driver, but I have found that it is true.

Seeing as I have a full year of experience I am expediting my plans to purchase my own truck, with the help of my family, it may be possible, if not, there are loan companies that will help first truck buyers with no money down... at a high APR of course.

The saying when working for mega-carriers is that they "hire one driver and lose three". They just don't treat the drivers professionally. Anyways, I am staying strong and working on obtaining my first truck.

End of Rant. Enjoy pictures.

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