Saturday, February 10, 2018

back in Nebraska

Truck stops can become sentimental. I am at the truck stop I had my batteries replaced and I will never forget this place. I am glad I made that decision to replace the batteries that day, most likely I would have paid for a tow or truck service vehicle at a rest area or something if I didn't. it is just as cold but last time there was a wind chill factor of -10. No wind tonight. but it is snowing and I am going to idle the truck tonight so I don't end up with any issues because of the cold.

I got the first oil and fuel filter change today and just filled the fuel tanks. Diesel engines would rather be idled all noght instead of started up when it is 5° outside. I drove 10 hours and totalled 606.6 miles

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  1. Pop here, you make me proud. Guys like you are what keep America going.
    Great luck getting Fremont CA for your first paid run too. See you and your rig soon.