Saturday, February 3, 2018

Day 2: Wells, NV to Laramie, WY

555 Miles in 9 hours, not bad. Averaging 10.5 MPG which is good, I estimated 10 MPG. I really didn't expect so many trucks in Wyoming on superbowl weekend, I thought for sure more truckers would be home for this weekend. All the truckstops are full in the area, I was able to squeeze in where no one could with a trailer. The picture of water is the salt flats in Utah, looks just like the ocean, I wonder why. Tomorrow will probably snow some, not much, but driving a truck without a trailer means no weight on the drive tires and it is going to be super sketchy. I went a little farther than I planned today just so I can take it easy tomorrow. At least I get to head more south starting tomorrow. I had to show my paper work to DOT at a weigh station and I guess I did it right because they had no complaints. I had to get a "Job Hunting Permit" because you aren't able to register a truck with the DMV unless you have a DOT number. I can't get a DOT number until I get to Kentucky and sign the lease with Mercer Transportation. So instead of a DOT number for a company on the side of the truck I have signs in the window that I made that say "NOT FOR HIRE". It is highly confusing and my troubles aren't over yet. One upset DOT officer that has to work on superbowl sunday trying to find something that I did wrong and things can change for me.

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