Sunday, February 4, 2018


The temperature was between 4 and 9 degrees today, I went through some zero visibility whiteout moments in what Nebraska calls, "light snow". I stopped for fuel here and my truck just barely started, I mean, it was no joke, almost didn't crank over. I knew the batteries were weak but I wanted to get to Kentucky and sign the lease and secure my income before spending any more money than was needed. I didn't feel safe with traveling so I spent 700 bucks to have all 4 batteries replaced. The truck now has no issue starting and I feel comfortable sleeping tonight running the bunk heater while it gets back down to 4 degrees. This truck stop has some interesting stuff, including an Alien. I am going to split the last 12.5 hours of the trip into 2 segments and arrive Tuesday in Kentucky. Orientation is Wednesday and I should be well rested.

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